Grace Willis, an artist native to the northwestern Florida panhandle, has focused their mature work into interdisiplinary studies that promote the development of human perception through the aquisition of research. Grace recieved their Bachelors in Fine Art, specializing in Digital Art, at the University of West Florida in the summer semester of 2022. They are currently studying for their Masters in Fine Arts at Tulane University in New Orlean, Louisiana. They have experimented with both biological and digital mediums such as 3D rendering/modeling, interactive electronics, digital ceramics, videography, mycology, aquaculture, and digital photography. In addition, Grace was an active part of their University's community garden and Edible Campus program. They also facilitated the revamping of the edible mushroom program with their knowledge of mycological procedures.

Grace has grown proficient in open source microcontroller coding using Arduino, allowing them to create several "elemental" devices that output Midi note sounds in response to the input on an elemental sensor.

Grace's biological art research endeavors in 2021 and 2022 have been sucessfully funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of West Florida totaling over $1250. In the spring semester of 2022, Grace was one of three students to be selected by the Office of Undergraduate Research to present their research proposal, Exploring the Art of Composed Aquatic Ecosystem, to Senators and Legislators at Florida's state capitol.

 Most recently, Grace has began exploring the contemporary medium of digital ceramics, interactive electronics, and 3D rendering. During their graduate program, Grace hopes to create life long connections and further their reseatch into bio-design.